The Release Program 

The mission of The Release Program is to create safe spaces where individuals can experience community while working through emotions. Through community, coaching, connection and compassion, participants will have an opportunity to release, share, and reflect while learning tools to help with life transitions, stress, anxiety and more. We are passionate about building communities within different spaces so that individuals can thrive. 

email info@trishnalmsw.com to learn more about our well-being sessions.

The Release Program for Women in Social Work

With over 13 years in the social service field, I am passionate and dedicated to helping women in the social service field experience community and soul care. We offer quarterly community gatherings where individuals can experience community building, stillness, connections and more. 

 If you are interested in joining the women of social work community, email info@trishnalmsw.com or check below for our monthly plans. 


Women Of Social Work Well-Being Session

The Release Team

Who We Are


Trishna Monplaisir, LMSW

Creator | Lead Facilitator of Release

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Lenisha Sisnett, LMSW



Nathalia Punch

Administrative Assistant